Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Entabeni Game Reserve

The Entabeni Game Reserve, Entabeni means 'place of the mountain', is a 220 km2 (85 sq mi) private reserve situated in the Waterberg in Limpopo Province in northern South Africa. The Entabeni Reserve is popular for safari trips because of the opportunity to see big game and a variety of birds and antelope species, as well as its beautiful scenery. The reserve is home to lion, elephant, giraffe, leopard, warthog, rhino, buffolao, hippo and other safari animals in a variety of habitats. Summer in Entabeni is from November to March with temperatures between 15 and 40 °C (59 and 104 °F). Winter temperatures vary from -5 to 25 °C (23 to 77 °F) (April-October).
The reserve is owned and operated by Legend Lodges.
Also situated on the property is the Entabeni Nature Guide Training school.

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